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Ledbury Cricket Club have been playing in the town since their formation in 1837, around the same time as a team appeared in Ross-on-Wye, producing a rivalry longer than that between England and Australia, who first played each other in 1877.

In this section you can also find more details of our history, and a tribute to one of the club's legends, Geoff Fletcher.


  • Steve and Stuart Evans appeared in the 2004 Wisden Almanac for the unique reason of being opposing captains in a league match and also being twins, Steve with Ledbury and Stuart at Bartestree. Stuart also has the distinction of taking 17 overs to get off the mark when opening the batting in a league fixture, even Geoff Boycott was quicker!

  • Four Ledbury cricketers played against the Estonian national team in Tallinn in 2001.

  • Steve Large was given the new ball and choice of ends in preference to his England international opening partner Devon Malcolm in a charity game in Colwall.

  • Richard "Griffo" Griffiths once went through an entire game without being injured.

  • P.A. has been known to stop talking long enough to take five dismissals in one innings (four catches and a stumping).

  • In September 2006, at the ripe old age of eight, Josh Evans took his first senior wicket during a match against Bartestree, finishing with figures of 1 for 0. Not to be outdone, his older sister Vicky took 4 for 9 for Herefordshire girls' U15s.

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