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Geoff was a stalwart of the club in the truest sense of the word, playing regularly and then volunteering to help run the club and working as groundsman to ensure the teams have the best possible playing experience.

Before he passed away in August 2017 at the age of 78, he worked tirelessly to prepare the pitches at the new ground, having supported all the work behind the scenes to make the move to the new site a success.

Geoff was a cornerstone of the club, first as player, later as both Secretary and Treasurer but predominantly as groundsman at both the ground behind the Full Pitcher pub and more recently the club’s new ground.

Described as always being an optimist in both sport and business, with a quiet, persuasive manner, Geoff was always driven to achieve his objective with a cheeky grin on his face, and as one noted landlord once commented, "Like a fine wine, he matures with age."


While Geoff had many five wicket hauls, his highest score was the 53 he scored against a side from the Forest of Dean. This, however, in typical Geoff style, was still not straightforward. Geoff had to open the innings when he was due to pick up his mother-in-law from the station. Chasing a target of 120, Geoff wasn't hanging around, and he was still there with the score on 112 without loss. Rather than give up his wicket a 'runner' was sent to his wife Cindy to arrange for her to collect her mother instead. It is testament to Cindy's patience that Geoff remained at the club for so long, and relived the tale for many years.

With over 40 years at the club, Geoff showed enormous dedication and loyalty to the club, and had, in the words of Chris Williams in 1987, "through unstinting effort, transformed a goodish pitch into one of the best grounds in the three counties, and has rightly been complimented for his work by visiting sides," a testimony that continued to ring true until his death.

Today we remember Geoff for the countless hours of dedication that went into preparing the finest cricket pitches in the county for generations of players to enjoy.


He was the club’s greatest supporter, an inspiration and mentor to all young cricketers who played the game whilst always showing the highest levels of respect to his fellow club members and opposing players.

He left a huge gap in the club and the lives of all the members, but he also left us with a lasting legacy which will never be forgotten.

Thank you, Geoff.

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